About Us

What we sell

We sell pretty much every type of Ink and Toner cartridge on the market in Australia. We have the absolute lowest prices because we don't have retail store rents to feed, outrageous advertising budgets etc. In the rare event that you need an ink or toner and can't find it, simply contact us and we will do what we can to add it so you don't miss out!

Why Raw

We started out wanting to help Higher Education staff and students alike be able to print cheaper... and that meant giving them access to the very cheapest Ink and Toner cartridges in Australia. Continuing to do that, we decided to invite everyone to access the cheapest and best Ink and Toners Australia wide.

One of the ways we keep costs low is by being Raw. Most of what is inside a cartridge box is air. We thought it was wrong to pay good money to import air and cardboard or charge you money to buy air and cardboard. We worked out that what you really want is just the quality cartridge/s... at the cheapest price. So unless you are buying OEM cartridges from us (they sadly still do come packaged with a lot of air), you get Raw Cartridges just in their protective cells, ready to use!


Where is Raw?

Raw has been doing this for a long time, over a decade in fact. We are based in Byron Bay and have distribution points in all capital cities. When we aren’t importing and distributing quality ink and toner cartridges, you can find us on any one of Northern NSW’s beautiful beaches. Come and visit Byron if you haven’t been before, it is everything people rave about.